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1:35:59 - Gracie BULLYPROOF Disc 9 Part 1 DVDRip XviD UPiNSMOKE
Загружено 19 октября 2016
16:21 - Gracie Bullyproof: Austin's 1-Week Transformation
Загружено 25 августа 2016
Austin McDaniel is a 14-year old boy from Indiana who loves video games and electric guitar. He gets good grades, has loving parents, and is kind to others. On one fateful day in September 2012, he had his dignity ripped away by a heartless bully who viscously assaulted him at school in front of his peers. Austin was choked from behind and subsequently knocked unconscious by a barrage of punches to the face...all of which was caught on camera by the school's security surveillance system. After seeing the
10:6 - Gracie BULLYPROOF - Gracie Game Sample - Crazy Horse
Загружено 4 апреля 2016
>In the Bullyproof program, there are 10 Gracie Games and 33 Jr. Combatives lessons. The Gracie Games are designed to get your child hooked on playful aspect of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, and the Jr. Combatives lesson are designed to get your child ready for the bully. The beauty of each Gracie Game is that we do all the exercise with six different kids ranging in age from 4-12 so that you can see precisely what to expect, and what NOT to expect, from all ages. This Gracie Game, Crazy
1:43:24 - Gracie.BULLYPROOF.Disc.3.Part.2.DVDRip.XviD-UPiNSMOKE
Загружено 8 октября 2015
9:36 - Gracie.BULLYPROOF.Disc.3.Part.1.DVDRip.XviD-UPiNSMOKE
Загружено 8 октября 2015
1:43:35 - Gracie.BULLYPROOF.Disc.2.DVDRip.XviD-UPiNSMOKE
Загружено 7 октября 2015
1:25:23 - Gracie.BULLYPROOF.Disc.1.DVDRip.XviD-UPiNSMOKE
Загружено 7 октября 2015
14:49 - Bullyproof |
Загружено 11 января 2014
Gimme Mo' gets bully proofed! Monique goes one on one with Rener Gracie to learn how to combat bullying. Rener is the eldest grandson of Grandmaster Helio Gracie, the creator of the infamous Gracie Jiu Jitsu.

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