Beach Rescue

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5:46 - Barbie Horse Adventures - Wild Horse Rescue - Seagull Beach (Minigame) (Horse Game)
Загружено 31 июля 2018
1:18 - Aussie fishermen rescue shark stuck in fishing net on Queensland beach
Загружено 6 июля 2018
Рыбаки взяли случайно пойманную акулу за хвост и утащили в море
4:31 - Rescue at Sea as Charter Boat Catches Fire off Fort Lauderdale Beach
Загружено 29 июня 2018
I always says I have the best captains and crew in the business and today showed just that. We were out trolling with our clients, when we spotted ...
1:9 - Barrage balloons fly as rescue boat nears the beach in Normandy, France during Wo...HD Stock Footage
Загружено 24 марта 2018
1:20 - Family-of-five rescued after parking on a beach
Загружено 15 февраля 2018
A family-of-five had to be rescued after parking on a beach - only for their car to be swamped and totally destroyed by the incoming tide. Emerge...
1:39 - Beached whale rescued in Nova Scotia
Загружено 4 января 2018
A group of more than 100 Nova Scotians had a memorable kickoff to 2018. They helped rescue a beached whale just outside Halifax, and CBC's Carolyn ...
8:50 - Full Version Including Passenger Rescue - Sailboat Capsized into Redondo Beach Pier in California
Загружено 4 января 2018
This sailboat left King Harbor in extremely windy conditions and was unable to turn around and get back behind the breakwater. They ended up gettin...
23:34 - Max & Ruby: Max's Bug Salad / Ruby's Beach Party / Super Max to the Rescue - Ep.19
Загружено 14 ноября 2017
Grandma is having a tea party and Ruby wants to make something special for Grandma's friends. Max wants to play with bugs. Grandma helps Ruby make ...
5:14 - Life's A Beach At Big Cat Rescue
Загружено 12 августа 2017
Now that it is summer break, and the kids are out of school, what better than to visit the beautiful Florida beaches. While you are here, swing by...
1:38 - Montenegro 16. Morinj Beach Grasshopper Rescue
Загружено 27 июля 2017
7:43 - Dozens of strangers form human chain to rescue swimmers at Florida beach
Загружено 12 июля 2017
Strangers on a Florida beach formed an 80-person human chain to rescue nine members of family who had been caught in a riptide and pulled too far f...
11:57 - Coast Guard: Beach Rescue Team Gameplay Trailer - First Look
Загружено 16 мая 2017
App Store - https://itunes./ru/app/coast-guard-beach-rescue-team/id1229594838?mt=8&at=1010lsK3
29:59 - Kill Devil Hills Ocean Rescue: Beach Lifeguards
Загружено 7 мая 2017
Every summer, lifeguards with Kill Devil Hills Ocean Rescue help keep our beach safe for visitors and locals alike. This program follows the guards...
2:15 - Great White Shark Rescue on the Beach
Загружено 10 марта 2017
What would you do if you came up on a baby great white shark on the beach? This man does his best to help the shark back to the water. Hopefully th...
1:3 - Water Rescue Beach Demo from microdrones, DLRG and Restube
Загружено 3 ноября 2016
1:4 - Water Rescue Beach Demo from microdrones, DLRG and Restube
Загружено 6 октября 2016
microdrones has released a compelling video demonstrating a new water rescue tactic they’ve developed that uses drones – and may revolutionize lifeguard rescue operations all over the world. In the video, a specially trained lifeguard spots a drowning swimmer and immediately deploys a microdrones unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV, or drone) as another lifeguard rushes through the water to the victim’s aid. The drone flies quickly over the water, reaches the swimmer far ahead of the swimming lifeguard, and drop
22:56 - Спасатели Дурбан-бич 1-я сезон 10-я серия. Самый насыщенный день в году (Durban Beach Rescue)
Загружено 25 июня 2016
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21:49 - Спасатели Дурбан-бич 1-я сезон 8-я серия. Массовое спасение (Durban Beach Rescue)
Загружено 25 июня 2016
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22:51 - Спасатели Дурбан-бич 1-я сезон 7-я серия. Африканское Рождество (Durban Beach Rescue)
Загружено 25 июня 2016
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3:38 - The Beach Boys - Rock n Roll To The Rescue (1986)
Загружено 21 мая 2016
4:32 - Спасение лисенка из сточной трубы. / Cooden Beach Fox Cub in a Drain Rescue 10th May 2016
Загружено 11 мая 2016
Более трех часов спасатели вытаскивали лисенка из трубы. Все это время Лисица мать, находилась по близости и после освобождения лисенка, отвела его домой.
2:15 - A Man Rescues A Beached Shark With His Bare Hands ☺
Загружено 2 апреля 2016
Great White Shark Rescue on the Beach ➟ Face Video.
3:56 - Rescued Pugs On The Beach with Tommy Franklin 'salty rain' - Pugs SOS
Загружено 14 февраля 2016
Rescue pugs on the beach!Welcome to Pugs SOS (Pug Rescue Australia)We were thrilled when Tommy Franklin aka 'Salty Rain' accepted our invitation to dance on the beach with some of our rescues. His aim to change the world "one smile at a time" goes hand in hand with the way pugs live their lives -- enthusiastic and intelligent dogs whose role in life is to love their family and make everyone around them smile.Contrary to information found on many websites, pugs are highly active dogs, who require lots of
3:44 - VIDEO Tourists Heroically Rescue A Pod Of 30 Dolphins That Beached Themselves
Загружено 13 февраля 2016
2:51 - Beach Rescue
Загружено 2 января 2016
9:11 - Surf Rescue On Mexico's Most Dangerous Surf Beach: Playa Zicatela in Puerto Escondido
Загружено 19 октября 2015
We tackle the Puerto Escondido surf head on! Having seen those big wave surfing movies where pro surfers get towed out with a jetski to attempt to ride gigantic waves, we look behind the scenes at the surf rescues that happen when the pro surfers eat it!In this episode, we go to Mexico's most dangerous beach, Playa Zicatela in Puerto Escondido, about 2 hours from Secrets Huatulco Resort and Spa. We meet with the respected lifeguards there, who perform more than 600 rescues a year. Indeed, this is a place
3:31 - Alvvays...He's On The Beach live @ Rescue Rooms,Nottingham.03/09/15.
Загружено 6 октября 2015
Alvvays performing Kirsty MacColl's He's On The Beach live from the Rescue Rooms,Nottingham.03/09/15.
1:30 - Fat Woman Rescue At Beach
Загружено 7 сентября 2015
Fat woman caught in wave current
Загружено 27 июня 2015
A Song I Wrote Called “Rescue Me” is in #TeenBeach2 And It’s Available On The Soundtrack Today!
1:4 - Dramatic beach rescue: Astro saved from beach mud 'like quicksand'
Загружено 29 апреля 2015
6:54 - Transformers Racing Beach Buggy Ride Ons - Review With A Transformers Rescue Bot Rescue Mission
Загружено 23 марта 2015
AshNap Toys Home Page - >Beach Buggy Link - >Kids Electric Cars - >Thank you for watching this video, I hope you like it and want to watch more. Please Subscribe to hear about our latest videos straight away!Here we unbox, build and have a look at two 12 volt Electric Ride On Beach Buggies from
1:34 - Volunteers try to rescue dozens of pilot whales stranded on NZ beach
Загружено 16 февраля 2015
One hundred and ninety-eight pilot whales have been stranded on a 6-kilometer beach in New Zealand, and their only hope is a rescue effort with the rising tide, local conservation officials reported. Volunteers hope over 60 stranded pilot whales would survive after they managed to get them refloated on Saturday night - READ MORE >RT LIVE >Subscribe to RT!
2:0 - horse rescue - beach in Australia (Nicole Graham and Avalon)
Загружено 21 декабря 2014
>info: >or:
3:37 - The Beach Boys - Rock'n'Roll to the rescue
Загружено 29 ноября 2014
1:53 - Dolphin rescue at Burke's Beach in Barbados.
Загружено 20 ноября 2014
The Nation Barbados FacebookDolphin rescue at Burke's Beach in Barbados.sea Beach
1:55 - Sea Turtle Rescue - Tangalle Beach - Sri Lanka
Загружено 10 ноября 2014
A sea Turtle is stranded and needs help getting back into the sea.
1:8 - Rescue Mahindra. Calangute beach Goa India. March 2014
Загружено 1 мая 2014
2:2 - baby great white rescue pismo beach
Загружено 24 ноября 2013
baby great white shark washed up on the beach ... so ... we put it back in the water ... i was so glad it did not bite us ......and it went back home.... " look out pismo seals and other shark looking food "....mama might be close by
2:0 - Horse Stuck In Mud Australia Astro Rescued After Three-Hour Ordeal On Geelong Beach
Загружено 25 сентября 2013
Horse Stuck In Mud Australia Astro Rescued After Three-Hour Ordeal On Geelong Beach
6:45 - Agonal Gasps - Bondi Beach Rescue
Загружено 4 сентября 2013
This video of a CPR save on Bondi Beach is a great example of "Agonal Gasps." The breaths that Taka (the victim) are taking are not normal and incapable of sustaining life. The Bondi lifeguards started CPR and saved his life. Although this video was shot in 2006 and the CPR guidelines are different today, it is a great real life example of CPR. Take a class with us! >

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