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Adolph Gottlieb

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6:58 - Adolph Gottlieb-Beethoven symphony Nª9
Загружено 12 августа 2016

Adolf Gottlieb, miembro destacado de la vanguardia estadounidense, nacio en Nueva York en 1903. Despues de abandonar la escuela secundaria en 1919, asistió brevemente a la Art Students League. En 1921 viajó a Euroa, visitando Viena, Berlin, Dresde y Munich. En París recibió clases de dibujo. Despues de su regreso en 1922 volvió a la Art Students League y se hizo amigo de Barnett Newman, Mark Rothko y John Graham-
En una carta que Gottlieb y Rothko escribieron al New York Times en junio de 1

4:38 - Adolph Gottlieb
Загружено 13 апреля 2013
Gottlieb, Adolph, 190374, American painter, b. New York City. Gottlieb studied under John Sloan and Robert Henri. In the 1940s he created pictographs which were stylized, primitive symbols set in a gridlike pattern. His abstract dynamic canvases of the following decade (e.g., Frozen Sounds, Number One, 1951; Whitney Mus., New York City) placed him in the front ranks of abstract expressionism. Many of his later works, called bursts, display large fiery circles over a network of spiky lines.

8:47 - Steve Reich, Vermont Counterpoint, Adolph Gottlieb
Загружено 1 июня 2012
Steve Reich, Vermont Counterpoint, 1982, Ransom Wilson, Solisti New York. Paintings by Adolph Gottlieb 1903-1974).

Adolph Gottlieb, recognized as one of the first color field painters and a pioneer of Lyrical Abstraction. His works evoke a universality and a search into the dimensions of space.

"The surprise in a painting is not the surprise of discovering some kind of a story or myth, it's the surprise of finding a clear statement about something that you felt and then to see it, to see this feeling become materialized in paint, then it really exists. And until it is materialized, it's not really certain whether this really exists or not. So in a way, I suppose, what I have been doing with my painting is making manifest certain feelings that I have. And also ideas in their intangible form. Then I know that I am actually alive and this is not all a figment of some imagination."...Adolph Gottlieb...from an interview conducted by Dorothy Seckler
In New York
October 2

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