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90210 -- Don't panic

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1:45 - 90210 -- Don't panic
Загружено 30 сентября 2012
Музыка : Coldplay – Don't Panic ;
Загружено группой :
1:46 - 90210 || Don't panic
Загружено 13 августа 2012
Firstable , sorry for actually making 90210 girls video instead of 90210 cast , but I just felt like we don't really get storylines of boys besides dating someone .and that's why I couldn't find any good scenes .
It didn't turn out as I expected it to , but I hope you like it anyway . At least the coloring isn't bad , I kinda like it .

and anyway , I wanted to say something about the whole triangle Ade/Navid/Silver .
Firstable , I think it's Navid's fault , I know that Ade has been a horrible person , but it doesn't give Silver and Navid a right to cheat on Adrianna . I think that sending a naked-text is nothing compared to what Silver did , Ade told Silver that she would make this other girl's life a living hell , so why was she surprised ? the fact that it's Silver makes everything even worse , she is her best friend , but what Ade did at the end of 3x18 is even more than horrible , I mean , how could she do that ? That might be dangerous for Si

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