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1:17 - InShot_20210916_214524028.mp4
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2:3 - Трейлер дорамы: "Наше время | Our Times" [Китай, 2021]
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6:23 - vlc-record-2021-09-15-20h47m32s-I haven`t seen you for a long time EP.03 [РУС.САБЫ] дорама 2017.mp4-.mp4
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1:19 - Китайская стримерша попала в 100 самых влиятельных людей года
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49:43 - Mac Miller / A Celebration Of Life (Moscow / 09.09.21)
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Full Show Links :
"What's The Use?" - Неоновая Аура
5:17 "Jet Fuel" - Неоновая Аура
8:49 "Time" - Поля Дудка
11:15 "Dunno" - Поля Дудка
13:18 "Soulmate" - Катя Panterrra
14:28 "My Favourite Part" - MUSUME
17:19 "Stay" - Петр Федотов
18:22 "Small Worlds" - Петр Федотов
20:20 "Everybody" - Демид Петров
22:10 "Self Care" - Демид Петров
29:00 "That's On Me" - KUSHNAROVA
32:00 "Weekend" - Odddi
34:10 "Best Day Ever" - Hasan Rahim
37:40 "Dang!" - Hasan Rahim
39:18 "Objects In The Mirror" - Лушин
40:56 "2009" - Лушин
44:18 Thanks To The Band!
46:45 "2009" (encore) - Лушин
47:27 Ending
1:48 - 2_5341792611495580790.mp4
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3:35 - Время _ Time (2018) _ Shigan
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15:31 - Рассказ о том, как ПЕТУШАРА потратил ВРЕМЯ В НИКУДА (как и я до него)
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10:9 - ХАЙП вокруг ДОТЫ Олимпиада, Медведев, Росатом и Патч Китайская Дота под угрозой
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1:4:21 - HellRaisers vs V-Gaming, D2CL 2021 Season 3, bo3, game 3 [Mila Lost]
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4:1 - Rod Stewart - One More Time (Premiere 16.09.2021) [HD 1080]
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39:44 - Видео от Ima Gine
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58:3 - HellRaisers vs V-Gaming, D2CL 2021 Season 3, bo3, game 2 [Mila Lost]
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3:11 - Plumbers Don't Want You To Know This | Plastic Pipe Joining Without Welding
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A plastic welding machine is required to join plastic pipes. However, thanks to this trick we do with plastic pipes, you will not need a plastic welding machine when joining plastic pipes. Moreover, thanks to this method, the combined plastic pipes can be disassembled and reused many times.
11:47 - Видео обзор механических часов ORIENT FAB00004D
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Заказ часов в нашем интернет-магазине по ссылке ниже:
(3 атм)
Способ отображения времени-Аналоговый (стрелки)
Цвет браслета/ремешка-Золото
Цвет циферблата-Тёмно-Синий
Материал корпуса-Нержавеющая сталь
Цвет корпуса-Золото
Отображение даты-Число+День недели
Страна происхождения-Япония
2:17 - Видео от Darryl Hughes
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3:4 - Fargetta - This Time Sexy Night (1994)
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Techno-Eurodance ( Хиты 90х )
4:10 - Clark Kent - Superman (Snyder Cut)
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In time, they will join you in the sun, Kal. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders.

Clark Kent Tribute 4К
Movies: Man of Steel; Batman V Superman; Zack Snyder's Justice League.
Music: Atom Music Audio - Your Destiny

"EON II" is available here:
+ Bandcamp -
16:3 - Клип Алые сердца Корё. Лучшие моменты дорамы
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Дорама: Лунные влюблённые
K-drama: Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Музыка / Music 🎵

1. Acoustic version of ‘Empty Note’ by Ghostly Kisses ‘Alone Together’ EP
2. - Syml - Where’s my love
3. - Chanyeol, Punch - Stay With Me
4. - Billie Eilish - No Time To Die
 @Yuna Imalis 
5:18 - Superman | Hope
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"The symbol of the house of El means Hope"

I'm working on 3 videos right now that I believe you will all enjoy very much

I started working on this one more than 2 months ago and now I finally got the inspiration to finish it, I hope you'll enjoy it.

Music 1: "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.”

Superman Tribute
#Superman #Snydercut #DC
1:5:35 - HellRaisers vs V-Gaming, D2CL 2021 Season 3, bo3, game 1 [Mila Lost]
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4:5 - Time Back - Bad Style | 的时间不好回来吧 | Bản EDM Đang Gây Sốt TikTok China 2020
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Time Back - Bad Style | 的时间不好回来吧 | Bản EDM Đang Gây Sốt TikTok China 2020

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1:26 - Видео от Charles Kaufman
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37:21 - 80's Metal: Warlock (GER) 🇩🇪Hellbound Album
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1. Hellbound (3:40)
2. All Night (4:02)
3. Earthshaker Rock (3:26)
4. Wrathchild (3:31)
5. Down and Out (4:06)
6. Out of Control (4:48)
7. Time to Die (4:28)
8. Shout It Out (4:19)
9. Catch My Heart (4:55)

2011 CD bonus tracks:
10. Hellraiser (4:50)
11. Hellbound (Live) (3:40)


- Doro Pesch / vocals
- Rudy Graf / guitar
- Peter Szigeti / guitar
- Frank Rittel / bass guitar
- Michael Eurich / drums

Released: May 29th 1985
Label: Mercury Records (US) Vertigo Records (Europe)
39:46 - 80's Metal: Warlock (GER) 🇩🇪Triumph and Agony Album
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1. All We Are (3:20)
2. Three Minute Warning (2:30)
3. I Rule the Ruins (4:02)
4. Kiss of Death (4:07)
5. Make Time for Love (4:45)
6. East Meets West (3:34)
7. Touch of Evil (4:19)
8. Metal Tango (4:23)
9. Cold, Cold World (4:00)
10. Für immer (4:49)


- Doro Pesch / vocals
- Niko Arvanitis / guitars
- Tommy Bolan / guitars
- Tommy Henriksen / bass
- Michael Eurich / drums

Released: September 5, 1987
Label: Vertigo Records
16:53 - Расклад о себе .Что же протсходит в вашей жизни ?
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36:5 - JAME: Игра на время
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Джами "Jame" Али, капитан команды Virtus.pro. Топ 1 снайпер первой половины 2021 года по версии HLTV. Главное действующее лицо JAME TIME. Сильнейший мастер сейвов AWP. Но при всём этом он далеко не самая медийная персона. За его игрой пристально следят фанаты и зрители по всему миру, но не знают о его жизни практически ничего. Пришло время исправить это!
47:5 - Навсегда - 2 серия [Озвучка SOFTBOX]
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3:20 - Ashes of Time (1994)
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3:15 - Lord John Grey – Lonely (Outlander)
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Finally a new Lord John video. He’s my favorite character in the Outlander world. David Berry is perfect in this role. I cherish every precious minute we get with him in the show. I love when he makes me cry.

Better with headphones. Yeah, I know I’m not good with sound quality for the dialogue. That’s why I chose to do subtitles this time.

Music: "Lonely" by Nathan Wagner
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5:39 - SuperM 'We DO' Virtual Concert & Fan Meet | Highlights
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The #PRUxSuperM We DO Virtual Concert & Fan Meet was such a blast. Check out the best times we had!

11:5 - K-Pop Superstars NCT 127 Test Each Other's Acting Skills! | That's So Emo | Cosmopolitan
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NCT 127 can sing and dance - but can they act?! Watch more That's So Emo
11:43 - [Jokesta] Legendary Space Station MSMC is back in Cod Mobile and Its time for a Crazy Push!
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2:32 - Girl Dog Trainer Beating Her Dog With Metal Rod To Obey Her In Circus - HD - Changeez Chaan
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NOTE: Video: viewer discretion advised. May be upsetting for some viewers.

The girl tightly wraps tape around the Old English Sheepdog’s mouth, binding it tightly shut. She’s obviously done this before because she already had the tape. With the dog’s mouth bound shut she picks up a metal rod and beats the dog 26 times.

She grabs the dog by his front leg and continues to beat him. He struggles but is unable to defend himself or get away. After minutes of abuse the terrified dog is forced to hold an extended upright begging position as she stands over him threatening more abuse.

Appallingly what the girl did is not illegal in China. She owns the dogs so she can inflict as much cruelty as she wants and get away with it. Her animals are trapped in a living hell.

The footage was secretly taken from a distance, using zoom. The person began videoing because they didn’t like the way the girl handled the Old English Sheepdog. They had no idea what was about to unfold as they continued to video.
2:59 - Which 2 teams will SURVIVE today? | Day 7 Tease - VALORANT Masters Berlin
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It all comes down to this! After yesterday’s matches, the playoffs brackets for Masters Berlin are set and today we get to meet the last 2 teams joining the next stage of competition. Who’ll make it out alive? See it all live at
10:2 - 5 Easy Motion Design Techniques in After Effects
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Start applying these 5 easy motion design techniques to all your After Effects projects. This tutorial covers how to create compelling backgrounds, detailed title animations, and great in and out compositions animations. Take your After Effects projects to the next level within several minutes!

► Check out our 500+ Motion Graphics Starter Pack here:
5:39 - SuperM 'We DO' Virtual Concert & Fan Meet | Highlights
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The #PRUxSuperM We DO Virtual Concert & Fan Meet was such a blast. Check out the best times we had!

2:42 - Татьяна Фельгенгауэр об Алексее Навальном в списке Time
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Короче говоря, самые лютые рукожопы против мамкиных инженеров 99 уровня! Сегодня мы будем смотреть приколы про вещи, которые всех бесят и злят. Самые смешные мемы со всего интернета, про рукожопов и тех, кто говорит, смотрите, я все починил :) И помните, в тесте на психику главное, если вы засмеялись - то подписались!)) Приятного просмотра
#рукожоп #приколы #мемы #юмор

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