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Формула-1 2000. Onboards

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25:9 - Формула-1 2000. Onboards
Загружено 20 октября 2015
Все лучшие круги с онбоард-камер сезона Ф1 2000 на Гонки.МЕ
4:35 - The Top 10 Formula 1 Onboard Engine Noises 2000-2010
Загружено 20 января 2012
I took Insperation off Top Gear how they like a car noise. So i desided to make a list of the best sounding Formula One Cars from 2000 too 2010. I would do it 'of all time' if I could, but sadly Onboard cameras have really evolved in only the 21st century. In the 1950's too 1990's the onboard camera was ok, but the sound of the car wasn't heard properly! I've choosen in My opoinion the best sounding Formula 1 car ONBOARD from 2000 too 2010, when commentaing, comment of the video quality give me your opoinon!

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