Огненное письмо 2005

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2:12:36 - Огненное письмо / Aksharaya / A Letter of Fire (2005) Франция, Шри-Ланка
Загружено 6 июля 2015
A 12-year old boy (Isham Samzudeen) is accused of the murder of one Courtseen. His father was a retired judge (Ravindra Randeniya) and his mother (Piyumi Samaraweera) was also a famous magistrate. The movie depicted a controversial scene where child and his mother both get into a bathtub nude. After the child overcomes the initial shock of seeing her mother completely nude, insists on breastfeeding - a request which then the mother forcefully turns down. The film was banned due to issues of incest, murder, rape and contempt of court.

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