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1:0 - Ничё так рекламка:))
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5:16 - U.S. Marine Corps Commercials (ничего-так рекламка =)
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A compilation of five U.S. Marine Corps commercials...(1) America's Few(2) Leap(3) Toward the Sounds of Chaos(4) For Country(5) For Us AllAll Americans should be very proud of the men and women who are serving and who have served as a U.S. Marine . . . Semper Fi to all!Note: Each commercial is also listed separately on the USA Patriotism! YouTube channel.Commercials produced by U.S. Marine Corps - >*************************USA Patr
1:19 - ничего так рекламка
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турки молодцы!
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Очередная порнуха в моих видосах)

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